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      Jining giant's heavy industry co., LTD,Jining city in shandong province is located in the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of culture,Over the years has been in line with the quality is reliable、The customer is supreme management idea,Products are exported to the country20Several provinces and cities autonomous region,The New Year with new factory direct sales business model,Benefits to every new and old customers,Rigorous、Upward、Is every employee's work attitude,Each piece for each parts our products through strict inspection,Makes every effort to meet customer products have no quality problem in the hands of customers such as family is every employee's hospitality,Let customers feel our corporate culture,We constantly forge ahead in the New Year、Scaling new heights,Constantly updated equipment manufacture technology,Chose us is to choose a good service、Good technology,Please believe that we will do better in the future!
       The company USES the new factory direct sales model,Do not set agent in the middle、The dealer of the intermediate links,Products directly from the manufacturer directly connected to the consumer,Benefits to every consumer,Let every car reach consumers' hands really low prices,Companies welcome every person with lofty ideals to business negotiations!

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Quality without borders We have to

Over the years has won the title

10Years of mechanical manufacturing unit was changed

Crane industry in China

Won“CountriesAThe level of production qualification” “CountriesAInstallation qualification” “Trademark in shandong province” “Chinese companies”

Founded in2004Years,China heavy machinery association member units,And passedISO9001International quality system certification,With independent intellectual property rights and industrial property rights,It happenedASpecial equipment manufacturing license andASpecial equipment installation modification maintenance license。

Advanced production equipment100余台

Security,Do you purchase good helper

Has a series of high-end production equipment,Establish international equipment production line,Production capacity、Take the quality as the core technology level,We set up a complete set of production quality management system,And to include quantitative management in the system。

From the product research and development、Production、Quality inspection、The whole machine test、Sales,On the basis of rigorous、Strives for realism、Scientific spirit meticulously let customer satisfaction products。

Lean service and value The entire worry-free promise

Let you buy the rest assured,With peace of mind

Service is the enterprise to customer commitment,But also the soul of a good and bring value。

To provide you with from the pre-sale、The lifecycle of the sale to after-sale worry-free service,The value-added services into each link,Full build excellent service brand。

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Crane manufacturing comeback:The most afraid of“Homogeneity”Expansion
Crane manufacturing comeback:The most afraid of“Homogeneity”Expansion Since this year,Internal and external market demand continued weakness,To hide some of the problems after rapid growth in manufacturing to exposure。In mechanical industry, for example,Industrial added value、Total output、Profits、To earn foreign exchange through exports、Product production、Fixed assets...
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Common problems

The correct maintenance of the crane parts cleaning method
Crane parts oil mainly by saponification oil and dust、Impurities, etc。Not with alkali saponification oil cannot work,Such as all kinds of mineral oil、Lubricating oil...
Lorry-mounted crane crane technology of daily maintenance
Tang crane remind you: Lorry-mounted crane is the concept of combining the car and crane,Can form without assembly directly can work on its own。Is characterized Convenient...
Crane regular inspection and maintenance items
Regularly check for normal use of the crane,In order to ensure that the crane operation safety and operation efficiency,Crane shall be maintained in good technical agencies...
【Repair and maintenance】Engineering machinery engine failure omen
In the operation of the diesel engine in if there is a mechanical failure,Light person parts damage,The person that weigh lead to significant mechanical accident。Is often the case,The diesel engine...
【Repair and maintenance】How old engineering machinery and equipment maintenance?
Loader、Excavators and other machinery in use after a period of time,Often appear operation sensitivity variation、The phenomenon such as slow work institutions。1、Now...

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